Cadets stand at parade rest, and receive instruction at physical training.
Cadet Life

 As a cadet, you will live the life of a scholar, athlete, and leader. The busy schedule with classwork and ROTC you will partake in will provide with you with invaluable experience to jumpstart your future success in the Army and a leader in the world.

Cadets completes a deadlift


  A cadet's morning starts off by conducting physical training activities geared toward preparing them to do well on the Army ACFT and other Army training. PT activities include conducting long-distance runs, weight-lifting, rucks, stair-climbing, and body weight exercises. PT is normally conducted three times a week.

Cadets complete an interactive activity for military science class

Military Science Class

 Every week, cadets attend a military science class to prepare themselves to become a 2nd Lieutenant after they graudate and commission after ROTC. A military science instructor teaches the cadets about life in the Army, leadership skills, tactics at a squad and platoon level, land navigation, first aid, radio use, and land navigation.

A cadet runs towards the camera at a platoon tactics lab.


 Every month, cadets are given the opportunity to practice what they learned, from class, in a hands on setting outside the classroom. Lab topics include: Squad tactics, first aid & communication, bay planning, platoon tactics, and land navigation. Labs are held on one Saturday a month at the University of Pittsburgh or parks outside the city of Pittsburgh.

A cadet shoots an M4 at the qualification range.

Field Training Exercise (FTX)

 Every semester, the battalion will gather to conduct a field training exercise. The training event is a multi-day event where cadets are given the experience of what is it like to live out in the field, and to practice what they learned in a more realistic setting, to prepare them for Cadet Advanced Camp. Cadets will get a chance to practice tactics, sleep in a patrol base, qualify on the shooting range, and practice land navigation.

Cadets complete the combat water survival test

Combat Water Survival Test

  Cadets will conduct the Combat Water Survival Test once a year. This test assesses a cadets ability to swim in various environments they may encounter in their future in the Army.

Cadets pose at the annual dining in activity

Dining In & Military Ball

 In the Fall semester, the battalion comes together for Dining In to boost espirit-de-corps and to reflect on the events of the semester. In the Spring semester, the battalion comes back together for another night of espirit-de-corps and goodbyes for the Summer months.

ROTC Summer Training

High performing cadets may have the opportunity to participate in Summer training opportunities that give them extra training or accolades within ROTC.


 Cadets are given the opportunity to complete Airborne School with active duty soldiers during the Summer. In this course, cadets will learn how to wear, adjust, and use a parachute. Completing Airborne will enhance an officer's value to the Army and makes an officer more successful.

Air Assault

 Cadets are given the opportunity to complete Air Assault School with active duty soldiers during the Summer. The course is 10 days and is designed to prepare Soldiers for insertion, evacuation, and pathfinder missions using helicopters.

Cadet Advanced Camp

 All cadets with one year of school left attend Advanced Camp. It is a 37 days training event that evaluates a Cadet's ability to demonstrate proficiency in basic officer leadership tasks. Events at this training include a PT test, land navigation, M4 range qualification, tactics training, and squad and platoon level tactics.

Cadet Basic Camp

 Cadets who join ROTC later in their academic career may attend Basic Camp at Ft. Knox over the Summer. Basic Camp is a 31 day training event designed to introduce Cadets to the Army. The goal is to enforce Cadet leadership skills and train them complete basic leader tasks. This course will prepare Cadets to succeed in ROTC and the rest of their career in the Army.

Project GO

 Project Global Officer (Project GO) is a collaborative initiative that promotes critical language education, study abroad, and intercultural dialogue opportunities for Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) students. Project GO programs focus on the languages and countries of the Middle East, Asia, Central Asia, Africa, and South America.


 Cadets are given the opportunity to complete internships related to the branch of the Army they would like to pursue in the future. Topics for internships include: Cyber, public affairs, broadcasting, medical, research, Science, chaplaincy.

ROTC Clubs

Cadets participate in clubs outside of the ROTC program to supplement the ROTC curriculum and to build friendship with fellow cadets.

Cadets are the color guard at a Pitt basketball game.

Color Guard

 Cadets volunteer as color guard for local sporting events and activites in the Pittsburgh area. Cadets practice marching, drill and ceremony skills, and military discipline. Cadets are usually invited to stay for the event after their color guard shift!

Ranger Challenge

The Ranger Challenge team

 Cadets compete in a regiment wide Ranger Challenge, in which our cadets compete against our battalions in a non tactical environment in various physical training and soldier skills. Events at this competition include: Basic Rifle Marksmanship, Grenade Assault Course, M-16 Disassembly/Assembly, land navigation, and one rope bridge.

The Ten Miler Team

Ten Miler

 Cadets compete in the Annual 10 Miler Race held in Washington, DC in October. This is a race attended by many active duty soldiers and includes a battalion competition among ROTC programs. Training for this race happens all year and encourages Cadets to improve their running abilities.

Cadet play in a community service event with the Pittsburgh Mighty Pens

Community Service

 Cadets frequently serve the Greater Pitsburgh by participating in service events. Cadets have participated in the following community service events: Pitt Make a Difference Day, Mighty Pens Scrimmage where cadets played sled hockey with handicapped students, and Pitt MLK Day of Service

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