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Scholarship Announcement

National Guard Soldier stands watch on a ridge above Nogales, Arizona.

Upcoming high school senior class of 2015 interested in an Army ROTC scholarship should start researching the process now at the Army ROTC Scholarship page.

Those that have applied for a national scholarship from the high school class of 2014 that do not receive offer letters, and are still interested in participating in ROTC, you are encouraged to enroll in ROTC upon arriving at college this Fall. Please contact the ROTC office and they will be able to explain other ROTC scholarship opportunities.

The Scholarship Process

The scholarship process can be daunting and requires persistence. Providing accurate and complete information will ensure that your file is reviewed by the board in a timely manner and gives you the greatest opportunity to earn a scholarship and attend the institution of your choice. The scholarship process:

  1. Go to the Army ROTC Scholarship page. Register and provide the information requested.
  2. Schedule an interview at a local ROTC Battalion.
  3. Follow the steps to submit your SAT/ACT scores and transcripts.
  4. Download the physical fitness assessment and have a coach or gym teacher administer it. Transmit the physical fitness assessment to Cadet Command via email ( or fax (1-757-788-4643).

Scholarship Boards

There will be three boards that will evaluate applications and award scholarships. These boards review complete applicant files and are comprised of qualified officers who will weigh many factors including academics, athletics, and volunteer activities. Specific information such as GPA, SAT/ACT scores, your interview score, and the physical fitness assessment will be also be considered.


Each applicant will have to complete an interview with the local ROTC Professor of Military Science or his representative. The interview will result in a point assessment in both objective and subjective areas. Each interviewer is an individual and has his own ideas as to what qualities or experiences are the most beneficial for a future Army Officer. In general the following advice is offered:

  1. Be on time.
  2. Dress professionally; at a minimum a tie for men, women should wear business attire.
  3. Bring a resume and transcript (unofficial or official).
  4. Shave and get a haircut. Look the part of someone who wants to enter the Army.
  5. Speak in a respectful tone respond to questions using affirmative or declarative responses.
  6. Be prepared to ask some questions about the Army, not just the scholarship process.
  7. Be prepared to answer the most important question, "why do you want to be an Army Officer?"
  8. Discuss military legacies in your family and those things that predispose you to be successful leading America's Soldiers.
  9. Respond with opinions based on your values; Army Officers must be thinkers and action oriented.

Department of Defense Medical Eligibility Review Board (DODMERB) Physical/Medical Qualification

You will be required to attend a medical and optical screening from a contracted physician and optician or ophthalmologist. If you plan on attending any of the schools in the Three Rivers Battalion contact us at prior to your appointment. It will save you time and grief to review the paperwork and we will be able to prepare you for the medical review process.