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University of Pittsburgh

Enlisted Soldiers

Current active duty enlisted Soldiers

HMMWV Gunner Provides Convoy Security.

The Army ROTC Green to Gold Division Commander's Hip Pocket Scholarship Program provides selected Soldiers the opportunity to complete their baccalaureate degree requirements and obtain a commission through participation in the ROTC Scholarship program.

Each year Division Commanders can nominate deserving Soldiers for two-year Green to Gold scholarships or Soldiers can compete for four-year Green to Gold scholarships. Units are encouraged to nominate Soldiers under their command who have exhibited the potential for further outstanding service to America and our Army as commissioned officers. The best way to ensure that deserving Soldiers have this opportunity is to encourage them to apply now!

Interested Soldiers are encouraged to follow up with their chain of command. General qualifications, information, and FAQs can be found at the Army ROTC Enlisted Soldiers page.

Apply for a Green to Gold Scholarship with the point of contact below.

Green to Gold Operations Officer
Northeast Region
Building S-149, Oswego Avenue
Fort Drum, New York 13602

Office: 315-772-9232
Fax: 315-772-6813