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University of Pittsburgh


Cadets engage in a variety of military and recreation activities. These enhance the Cadets' readiness to enter the Army as well as build unit cohesion and provide opportunities to excel.

Military activities include social events such as a traditional military ball and dining in once a semester. Military training is also available during Lead Labs once a week. Attendance at the training is determined by the Professor of Military Science and provides opportunities for Cadets to attend Airborne, Air Assault, Mountain Warfare and Cadet Troop Leadership Training (serving in non-deployed active duty units for several weeks during the summer).

Training events such as the Cadet Initial Entry Training (Basic Course/CIET) and the Cadet Leadership Course (Advanced Course/CLC) provide guidance and evaluation regarding a Cadet's performance and leadership abilities. It is mandatory to complete and pass this summer training to be commissioned as an Army ROTC officer. Field Training exercises occur over a four-day weekend each semester at Camp Dawson, WV. These FTX's provide Cadets the opportunity to step into leadership positions while gaining the confidence to work together as a team and complete the mission.

Staff rides to battlefields,organizational sporting events, and professional development training promotes a spirit of camaraderie and teamwork.

Field training exercises use the leadership skills and technical skills a Cadet learns.

Combat water survival training

Training challenges and demonstrates the demands and rewards of being an Army Officer.